Finding a Place for Undesirables

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Date and Time: 5/11/2022, 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm
Event Type:In-PersonIn-Person Location: Mermaid Farm, 9 Middle Rd, ChilmarkHosted By: Mermaid Farm

2 Hours Workshop with Caitlin Jones and Jan Buhrman

So much of what we can do to preserve energy, and can begin in our home, our gardens and our kitchen. From making meals from what may otherwise go to waste to tending and harvesting garden weeds for food and health, and for building the soils.

In this workshop, we will focus on a few common plants like nettles, mother’s wort, and garlic mustard. We will touch on soil building and how sequestering of carbon works in the soil. Topics will cover the basic understanding of a few common edible weeds and their place in our gardens, lawns and on our plates. Gardeners often label plants that take over, spread aggressively, or grow unwelcomed, as weeds.

We will encourage gardeners to learn the benefits of all plants and create an environment for them. Learning their benefit; tending and harvesting and finding them valuable and desirable.

Some common weeds we will examine are nettles, Mother’s Wort and Garlic Mustard

Join Caitlin Jones of Mermaid Farm & Chef Jan Buhrman as we teach you about common plants that are not often welcomed in our gardens but have a place in our, medicine cabinets, on our plates and on the planet.

Wednesday  May 12 4-6  at Mermaid Farm, Middle Road Chilmark
Pre registration. $25.00 recipes and plants available