Climate Action Fair 2024

Join us to take Action! Demos, Activities, Panel Discussions, Games, Art, Raffles, Giveaways, Music, Food, and More! Fun for the whole family.

CAF 2024

2024 Climate Action Fair

Join us for a 3rd annual year of the Climate Action Fair!  

Learn about the MV Climate Action Plan, your town climate committees, and over 40 local organizations to give you the Why and How on taking action!  

When - Sunday May 19th

Where - MV Agricultural Hall

Who - Hosted by the MVC Climate Education Committee and our generous local sponsors, but made possible with YOUR participation!

Portuguese Translators & Translated Materials will be available! ~ Tradutores portugueses e materiais traduzidos estarão disponíveis!

Sheduled Happenings

Panels & Art

In the Entry Hall:

12:15 pm PANEL: RESILIENT LANDSCAPING - WHY?  This panel will explore what resilient landscaping is in the changing climate. Starting with the spirit to respect, steward, and care for the land and water, we will discuss plants that have long been adapted to the island’s climates and co-evolved with the wildlife as well as the problems with large, manicured laws..
Panelists: Vineyard Conservation Society, BiodiversityWorks, and Polly Hill with moderator Sakiko Isomichi, BiodiversityWorks Vision Fellow 

1:15 pm PANEL: RESILIENT LANDSCAPING - HOW?  This panel will focus on how to incorporate resilient landscaping at home. We’ll ask panelists for actional tips on how to take care of the soil, select plants, and maintain our private landscapes that are safe for people, wildlife, water, and the land. 

2 pm VCS’s STUDENT ART CONTEST WINNERS Submissions will be on display at the Fair and winners will be announced at 2pm !

2:30 pm PANEL: WILDFIRE PREPAREDNESS & RESILIENT LANDSCAPES Panelists will discuss the commitment needed for our island community to manage wildfire risk in the face of climate change.

Alex Schaeffer - Edgartown Fire Chief

Caren Caljouw - Prescribed Fire Program Manager, MassWildlife

Karyn Lothrop - District Fire Warden, Dept Conservation and Recreation

Adam Moore - Executive Director, Sheriff's Meadow Foundation


Scheduled Happenings

Biochar Demo

We will demonstrate how to make biochar in a flame-cap kiln using wood "waste" from South Mountain Company, Polly Hill Arboretum and the Manuel Correllus State Forest. Wood from landscaping, storms and construction floods our island dumps. The island also has a lot of invasive plants, blights and overgrowth. A lot of that "waste" can be used to make biochar, a charcoal-soil supplement that holds nutrients, builds healthy soils, cleans water and sequesters carbon for centuries. Making and using biochar can make our farms more productive, our waters healthier, and our landscape more resilient to drought, fire and disease.

BIOCHAR KILN ongoing from 12-4pm

12:30-1 & 2-2:30pm: BIOCHAR PRESENTATIONS 

3:30-4pm: QUENCH KILN

*Bring a Jar to take some Char ! *


2024 Participants

Land Use, Natural Resources & Biodiversity

Deep dive into resilient landscapes with native plants, chemical-free lawns, water quality, soil health, biodiversity, aquaculture and more with:  Vineyard Conservation Society, MV Agricultural Society, Polly Hill Arboretum, Trustees of Reservations, Sheriff's Meadow Foundation, Mass Audubon Felix Neck, Native Earth Teaching Farm, BiodiversityWorks , Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Technology Center, Nutrient Networks, MVC Biochar Vision Fellowship, MVC Water Quality, MV Garden Club, Protect Your Environment Club, MV Shellfish Group, Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Aquinnah's Natural Resources Department, and the Interfaith Climate Action Committee

Land Use
Food Security

2024 Participants

Food Security

Learn about seed saving, local food, farms & farmers, indigenous food systems, and pollinators with: MV Agricultural Society, The Northeast Native Network of Kinship and Healing, Island Grown Initiative, MV Community Seed Library, Fisherman's Preservation Trust, Cottage City Oysters (eat an oyster or clam while you learn!)

Food for purchase by Goldie's Rotisserie, Catboat Coffee, and Epicure MV

2024 Participants

Energy Transformation

How you can be resilient in energy transformation? Learn about energy efficiency programs, updating your home or business, solar, electric lawn equipment, electric vehicles, rebate options and resources with: Vineyard Power, Cape Light Compact, MV Commissions's Energy Committee 

Energy Transformation
public health & Safety

2024 Participants

Public Health & Safety

How can we be resilient when it comes to public health and safety when changing environments create more intense and unpredictable storms, draught, tick-borne disease, and fires?  Come learn how you can be prepared and resilient with: Dukes County Emergency Management Association, Island's Fire Safety & Forestry teams, MV Public Health

2024 Participants

Transportation Infrastructure & Waste

Learn about home composting, upcycling, reuse, public transportation, and more with: Beach Befrienders, MV Community Services/ Chicken Alley, Hatched, Vineyard Transit Authority, Vineyard Conservation Society Home Composting, Island Eats

Transportation Infrastructure and Waste
Economic Resilience

2024 Participants

Economic Resilience

From young folks to adults who are looking to engage in programs, organizations, and careers related to climate resiliency, come talk to us: Vineyard Power, Vineyard Futureworks, Ace MV, MV Library Association

2024 Participants

Town Climate Committees & More

Town Climate Committees:

Tisbury, West Tisbury, Edgartown, Oak Bluffs, Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah)’s Natural Resources Department  

& More:

NAACP - MV Chapter

Bluedot Living

The Interfaith Climate Action Committee: has organized for churches to ring their bells in solidarity with the Climate Action Fair @ 12PM on Friday, May 17, Saturday, May 18, and Sunday, May 19.  They are ringing the bells 40times each day to signify reaching the Climate Plan's goals by 2040.


2024 Participants

Music, Food, & Games


1-2 PM Music by Os Naftalinas (Brazilian Pop Band) 

DJ’s from WVVY 96.7 MV community radio


Goldie's Rotisserie Food Truck

Catboat Coffee 

Cottage City Oysters

partnering with Island Eats MV - reusable takeout containers


Lawn Games provided by The Lazy Frog

Get Involved!


Interested in helping? 

Click here to apply for a role at the Fair 

or email us at


Raffle Donations

As part of our fundraising effort for these events, we will raffle off donated items that align with climate action.  We are looking for items or services that could be a great fit! 

Some specific items that would be helpful include:

  • re-usable items
  • upcycled items
  • sustainable products
  • native plants
  • outdoor activities
  • classes focused on sustainability 
  • and other creative ideas!

Please email coordinator Giulia Casalino at



Climate Action Fair 2023 Recap

The 2023 Vineyard Climate Action Fair was a huge success!

The overarching goal of the Fair was to inspire the Island community to take individual action, and to encourage all – individually and collectively – to make the Island as resilient as possible against the impacts of climate change. 

The 2023 CAF's theme of “Reduce, Reuse, Renew,” offered solar consultations, bike tune-ups, lessons on mending clothes, tips on waste reduction, advice on sustainable landscaping, and an electric vehicle showcase of more than 15 EVs. Attendees had the opportunity to meet their town Climate and Energy Committee members. The afternoon ended with an interfaith prayer for the Earth.